Crucial Key Points

Jibhi  and Tirthan Valley

Jibhi in Tirthan Valley offers natural beauty and local culture.

Paradise for pedestrians with attractions like Jalori Pass and Raghupur Fort.

Best time to visit varies but includes seasons like winter and spring.

Multiple ways to reach Jibhi, including air, road, and train routes.

Tirthan Valley can also be accessed by air, road, and train.

Must-visit places include Jalori Pass, Serolsar Lake, and Kullu.

Great Himalayan National Park offers diverse flora and fauna.

Attractions like Jibhi Falls and Shringa Rishi Temple add to the charm.

Lambhari Hills and Chhoie Falls offer scenic trekking opportunities.

Tirthan Valley provides a peaceful retreat amidst nature and culture.

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Discover the Hidden Gems of Jibhi and Tirthan Valley: A Himalayan Paradise Awaits!




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