Beyond the Horizon:

Gandhi Ashram



 Step into the past at Gandhi Ashram, Ahmedabad, where Mahatma Gandhi's profound influence on India's freedom struggle comes alive.

Historical Haven:

Nestled along the Sabarmati River, experience tranquility with scenic views, providing a serene backdrop to Gandhian principles.

Riverfront Serenity:

Explore the ashram's grounds, retracing the steps of a revolutionary. Each path whispers tales of resilience and unwavering commitment.

Walk with Gandhi:

Engage in a hands-on experience with the iconic spinning wheel, symbolizing self-sufficiency and the spirit of non-violent resistance.

Spin the Charkha:

Beyond history, the ashram is a pulsating hub of cultural events, embracing local arts, crafts, and traditions.

Ahmedabad's Heart:

Unwind in the peaceful gardens, a haven for self-reflection, echoing Gandhi's belief in simplicity and harmonious living.

Reflective Gardens:

Reflective Gardens:

 Marvel at the elegant architecture, seamlessly blending tradition with modernity, mirroring Gandhi's vision for a progressive India.

Architectural Elegance:

Immerse yourself in interactive exhibits that narrate the incredible journey of Gandhi, offering a unique learning experience.

Interactive Exhibits:

 Join hands in various community initiatives, echoing Gandhi's philosophy of active participation in societal well-being.

Community Engagement:

Depart with a heart touched by Gandhian ideals, carrying forward the legacy of peace, justice, and equality.

Legacy of Peace:

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