A Tibetan Haven Amidst the Himalayas

McLeodganj surprises visitors with its vibrant scene of foreign tourists and Tibetans, contrasting with nearby Dalhousie.

Maclodganj offers a unique atmosphere with shops selling various wares and Buddhist literature, along with reminders of Tibetan oppression.

Buddhism flourished in the Kangra Valley centuries ago, evidenced by numerous monasteries and monks recorded by Chinese traveler Hiuen Tsang.

Dharamshala, with its McLeodganj and Forsythganj areas, gained prominence as the headquarters of Kangra in 1855.

After an earthquake in 1905, Lower Dharamshala became more populated, while McLeodganj saw a resurgence after the Dalai Lama's arrival in 1959.

McLeodganj hosts numerous attractions including the Tsuglakhang Temple complex, Tibetan Museum, and Photong (Dalai Lama's residence).

Namgyal Gompa and Kalachakra Temple offer serene settings for spiritual practices and reflection.

Tibetan Handicraft Centre preserves Tibetan traditions and provides employment to refugee Tibetans.

The Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts showcases Tibetan music, dance, and acting, with annual festivals attracting visitors.

Dharamshala's significance as the residence of the Dalai Lama highlights the ongoing struggle and resilience of Tibetans in exile.




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