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10 Key Points Unveiled!

Nandi Slopes


Located amidst Deccan Plateau, Nandi Slopes offers an escape from city life.

Begin your journey with a scenic drive to Bengaluru and a view of towering ridges.

Trek ancient paths amidst lush greenery, spotting diverse flora and fauna.

Experience refreshing mountain breeze as you ascend higher.

Enjoy a 360-degree view from the summit of Nandi, steeped in history.

Explore biodiversity spots, including the Shola Timberland and unique wildlife.

Opt for hiking and camping adventures to delve deeper into nature's wonders.

Encounter warm hospitality and cultural richness from local communities.

Prepare well with proper gear and guidance for a safe trekking experience.

Reconnect with nature, revitalize your soul, and embrace the grandeur of the outdoors.




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