Palm Leaf

 Unearthing Hidden Marvels 



The Peace Pagoda Mystery:

A serene retreat hidden from the crowds, offering breathtaking views. 

Bathe in Devi's Fall Magic:

A lesser-known oasis where cascading water unveils mystical tales.

Secrets of Gupteshwor Cave:

Explore the underground wonders beneath Pokhara.

Bindhya Basini Temple Whispers:

A sacred haven with tales etched in every stone. 

Pokhara's Rainbow Restaurant:

 Taste the local delights tucked away in the city's heart.

Paragliding Thrills at Sarangkot:

 Soar into the skies for an adrenaline rush like never before. 

Chilling with Butterflies:

 Discover the hidden butterfly museum, a kaleidoscope of colors.

World Peace Bell's Echo:

Unveiling the harmonious sound echoing for global unity. 

Pokhara's Living Museum:

 A village preserving traditions and crafts lost in time. 

Bindhyabasini Mandir Reflections:

 A tranquil lake mirrors the divine temple in all its glory.

Pokhara's Underground Water Kingdom:

 A network of mysterious water tunnels beneath the city. 

Sky's Canvas at Begnas Lake:

A hidden gem offering picturesque landscapes. 

Gurung Museum's Cultural Tapestry:

Delve into the rich heritage of the Gurung community.

Majestic Seti River Gorge:

 A natural wonder carved by the relentless flow of time.

Embark on a journey through Pokhara's clandestine wonders, captured in images that tell stories words can't express. Read our exclusive webstory and let the magic of Nepal unfold before your eyes.




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