15 Enchanting Secrets That Will Leave You Breathless!

Orange Lightning

Explore Gulmarg like never before with these 15 hidden gems, carefully curated to captivate you. From untouched landscapes to cultural marvels, this journey promises awe-inspiring moments. Are you ready for the adventure?

Orange Lightning

 Discover Gulmarg's floating meadows, a surreal spectacle where lush greenery seems to defy gravity.

Floating Meadow Magic:

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Dive into the mysteries of the ancient Chinar trees, each harboring tales of centuries gone by.

Chinar's Whispering Secrets:

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Silent Symphony: Witness the symphony of silence at Apharwat Peak, a serene haven away from the bustling world.

Apharwat Peak's

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 Experience time standing still at St. Mary's Church, a frozen-in-time architectural marvel.

Frozen Time at St. Mary's Church:

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Challenge reality at Magnetic Hill, where the laws of physics seem to bend before your eyes.

Magnetic Hill's Optical Illusion:

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Ride the Gulmarg Gondola to the Stars: Soar above the clouds on the Gulmarg Gondola, a celestial journey offering panoramic views.

Ride the Gulmarg Gondola to the Stars:

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Uncover the whispers of history at the Maharani Temple, an ode to Gulmarg's regal past.

The Whispers of Maharani Temple:

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Hike to Khilanmarg and witness a breathtaking floral symphony blooming in the lap of nature.

Trek to Khilanmarg's Floral Symphony:

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 Explore the lesser-known wonders within the Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve, a sanctuary of biodiversity.

Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve's Hidden Marvels:

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Take a mystical stroll along Ningli Nallah, where nature's secrets unfold with every step.

Mystical Stroll through Ningli Nallah:

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Tee off at the Gulmarg Golf Course, where the game meets the grandeur of the Himalayas.

Avant-Garde Gulmarg Golf Course:

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Experience the vibrant carpet of wildflowers at Kongdoori, a feast for the senses.

Kongdoori's Carpet of Wildflowers:

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Feel the spiritual aura at the Shrine of Baba Reshi, a place of divine tranquility.

Shrine of Baba Reshi's Spiritual Aura:

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Shop for unique treasures in the hidden gems of the Maharani Temple Market.

Hidden Gems in Maharani Temple Market:

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Conclude your day with the mesmerizing sunset at Strawberry Valley, a palette of colors painting the sky.

Sunset at Strawberry Valley:




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