Dwarka Temple in 2024 : Dwarka, Gujarat Tourism!

Nestled along the enchanting western coast of India, the ancient city of Dwarka and Dwarka Temple in Gujarat stands as a remarkable testament to the harmonious blend of timeless tales and modern wonders. With its rich historical significance, cultural heritage, and awe-inspiring architecture, Dwarka has firmly established itself as a must-visit destination for travelers seeking an unforgettable fusion of the old and the new. In this article, let’s explore Dwarka Temple in Gujarat. 

Significance of Dwarka Temple as Religious Place

Dwarka, the land of Lord Krishna, is counted among the seven holiest cities in India. All these seven cities are known as ‘Mokshadayika’ (provider of salvation) in Hindu scriptures. Dwarka is said to be the best of all pilgrimages. Badrinath in the north, Jagannathpuri in the east, Rameswaram in the south, and Dwaraka in the west are important pilgrimage sites for Hindus in Chardham.

Dwarka Gujarat Tourism

The Mythical Marvel of Dwarka

Dwarka’s allure is beyond its physical beauty; it is steeped in mythology and revered as the legendary kingdom of Lord Krishna. According to Hindu mythology, Dwarka was the capital of Lord Krishna’s empire, and its ancient past is a tapestry woven with divine tales of love, devotion, and valor. Visitors are often captivated by the stories that echo through the city’s narrow lanes, creating an ethereal atmosphere that transports them back in time.

Dwarka Gujarat Tourism

There is a myth about why Krishna built Dwarka city, according to which Krishna killed his maternal uncle Kansa (the tyrannical king of Mathura), so Kansa’s father-in-law (Magadha naresh: King of Magadh) Jarasandha started repeatedly attacking Mathura city out of a grudge against Krishna. Hence, Lord Krishna left Mathura, keeping in mind the safety of the Yadavas, and decided to take the cowherds and settle in a new place. This place is Dwarka, for the creation of which Lord Krishna requested open land by receding the ocean 11 Yojanas (16 miles). Lord Varuna accepted the request, and Lord Vishwakarma built Dwarka on the open land.

How the Magnificent City of Dwarka submerged in the Sea?

Dwarka Gujarat Tourism

After completing the life span of Lord Krishna, according to mythology, within seven days of Lord Krishna leaving Dwarka, the waters of the sea flooded that magnificent city, but what does science say about Dwarka’s water tomb? Here’s a short and to-the-point description:

The face of the earth has changed frequently in ancient times due to weather changes and geological upheavals. The Indian subcontinent and Saurashtra-Gujarat, as part of it are not in the same shape today as they were thousands of years ago. The ice age of twenty thousand years ago was also responsible for changing the map of these regions, as many earthquakes of varying intensity were instrumental. During the Ice Age, the sea level dropped as much as 130 meters (209 feet).

The reason behind this happening is that the moist clouds formed from the sea water evaporated by the sun’s rays in the tropics keep snowing continuously in the northern hemisphere of the earth (on regions like Europe and America), so one crust of snow freezes there, but it does not turn into sea water. Due to this, the oceans of the world receded, and the coasts of coastal areas like Saurashtra, Kutch, and Gujarat automatically expanded for hundreds of kilometers.

Quick Info:

Category Information
Location Dwarka, Gujarat, India
Google Location Dwarka on Google Maps
Famous For Dwarkadhish Temple, Rukmini Devi Temple, and vibrant local markets
Best Time to Visit Visit between October and March for pleasant weather
Climate Tropical climate, with hot summers and mild winters
Attractions Explore historical temples, the Dwarka Beach, and Bet Dwarka island
Accommodation Options range from budget guesthouses to comfortable hotels
Local Cuisine Savor delicious vegetarian Gujarati dishes and local sweets
Transportation Nearest airport: Jamnagar Airport (approx. 137 km away)
Nearest railway station: Dwarka Railway Station
Language Gujarati, Hindi, and English are commonly spoken
Currency Indian Rupee (INR)
Safety Tips Respect local customs, secure your belongings, and stay hydrated
Local Etiquette Follow temple guidelines, be respectful, and embrace the local culture
Emergency Numbers Police: 100, Medical Emergency: 108


Cultural Charisma of Dwarka

Dwarka Gujarat Tourism
A view of roadside shop near Gopi Talav near Dwarka ,Gujrat

Beyond its historical significance, Dwarka is a melting pot of cultures and traditions. The city’s vibrant markets, bustling with colorful textiles, intricate handicrafts, and aromatic spices, showcase the region’s rich cultural tapestry. Engaging with the locals and immersing oneself in their way of life provides a deeper understanding of Dwarka’s soulful essence.


Architectural Splendors of Dwarka Temple

Timeless Tales and Modern Wonders: Dwarka, Gujarat's Unforgettable Fusion!

The architectural marvels of Dwarka stand as a testament to the craftsmanship of bygone eras. The Dwarkadhish Temple, a grand structure dedicated to Lord Krishna, is the epitome of intricate carvings and timeless design. The temple’s towering spires and ornate facades leave visitors in awe, offering a glimpse into the devotion and artistic prowess of ancient artisans.

Dwarka’s material prosperity was at its peak during the time of Lord  Krishna. Perhaps that is why the city was known as the Dwarka of Gold. According to Bhagavata, it had as many as 900,000 magnificent houses, whose architecture was unparalleled. The city was adorned with many gardens and water tanks. But after the ascension of Lord Krishna, the waters of the ocean returned to the entire Dwarka. The land given by Lord Varuna seems to have been taken back by himself!

Establishment of Dwarkadhish Temple

Timeless Tales and Modern Wonders: Dwarka, Gujarat's Unforgettable Fusion!

During Kalantara (one estimate around 400 BC), Vajranabha, the great grandson of Lord Krishna, came to Dwarka and built a beautiful, huge temple in his memory. It is said that the original temple was demolished centuries ago by foreign invaders.

Archaeologists believe that the Krishna temple seen today in Dwarka is around 1,200 years old. The idol of Dwarkadhish (Lord Krishna) in this temple faces west. The temple has two entrances, one of which (the rear) faces the banks of the river Gomti. This gate is known as ‘Swargadwar‘, and one can enter the temple by climbing 56 steps from Gomti Ghat. Gomti Ghat is very long. There is a footpath on the opposite bank of the river. The special feature of this place is that, despite the sea all around, its five wells yield salt water. It is mentioned in the scriptures that the Pandavas constructed this well.

Timeless Tales and Modern Wonders: Dwarka, Gujarat's Unforgettable Fusion!

The main entrance of the temple in the north direction is known as Mokshadwar. This magnificent temple is seven stories high and is built on a plinth 45 feet above sea level. All in all, the temple is a beautiful piece of art with artistic pillars and four sections, namely Vimanagriha, Bhadrapeeth, Ladvamandapa, and Ardhamandapa. Many sculptures depicting the periods of the Maurya, Gupta, Garulaka, Chavda and Chalukya dynasties, as well as Jainism and Buddhism, are found beautifully carved in them.

Idol of Lord Krishna:

The main idol in the Dwarkadhish temple is made of black stone and is two feet tall. In this form, Shri Krishna is holding conch, chakra, mace, and padma (flower) in his four arms. According to folklore, when Dwarka was threatened by foreign (Turk) invaders, the original idol was kept safe in a well called Savitri in Dwarka. After years it was removed from the Savitri well and enshrined in the temple. There are a total of 24 temples in the Dwarkadhish temple complex, including Shakti, Kashimishwanath, Gayatri, Aniruddha, Amba, Dattatreya, Baladev, Devaki Mata, Radhakrishna, Durvasa, Radhika, Satyabhama, Saraswati, Lakshminarayan Temple, etc.

Pilgrimage and Spirituality

Dwarka Gujarat Tourism

Dwarka’s spiritual significance extends far and wide, attracting pilgrims from across the globe. The revered Dwarkadhish Temple, with its daily rituals and mesmerizing aartis, offers a serene refuge for spiritual seekers. The city’s tranquil beaches, such as the Gomti Ghat, invite contemplation and introspection, providing a perfect setting for those seeking solace and inner peace.

The flagpole above the temple is 10 feet high, with a twenty-foot flagpole made of fifty-two yards of cloth and bearing the symbols of the sun and the moon waving in the sky. This is changed five times in a day. The mystery behind the 52 gaj (~155.249 feet) flag is interesting. Lord Krishna selected 141 Chadvas from the four clans of Yadavs to strengthen the organization of Dwarka and entrusted them with the administration. Scholars say that a flag of fifty-two yards is hoisted in memory of this Bal Rao.

According to some informants, the number of fifty-two is completed by counting 12 zodiac signs, 10 constellations, 10 directions, the sun, moon, and Lord Dwarkadhish. Be that as it may, the flag hoisted atop the Dwarka temple is the largest flag in the world. The cost of flag hoisting at Dwarkadhish temple is approximately ₹ 10,000, which includes flag cloth, sewing, Dakshina traditionally given to Googli Brahmins etc. The religious significance of flag is so special that there is a huge rush of devotees to mount it on the temple. Dwarkadhish Temple Trust always has a two-year advance booking for flag hoisting.

The Beautiful Architecture of Rukmani temple

After the main temple, the most significant is the temple of Rukmani Devi, one of the eight queens of Lord Krishna, which is located three kilometers away. The story of Sage Durvasa‘s curse explains why Rukmani Devi’s temple is so far from Dwarkadhish temple.

Dwarka Gujarat Tourism
The Rukmini Devi Temple

As everyone knows, Lord Krishna abducted Rukmani devi from the country of Vidarbha, brought her to Dwarka and married her. One day, when Sage Durvasa came to the region called Okhamandal, Lord Krishna and Rukmani went to invite him to Dwarka. The sage said that they do not sit in chariots that are pulled by cattle because it is not right to hurt the cattle. Hence, Lord Krishna told Durvasa that he and Rukmani would pull together. The sage accepted the proposal and agreed to come to Dwarka.


Timeless Tales and Modern Wonders: Dwarka, Gujarat's Unforgettable Fusion!
The Rukmini Devi Temple

The sage sat in the chariot, so LordKrishna-Rukmani started pulling the seat. On the way, Rukmani felt thirsty, and Lord Krishna drew water from the ground by pressing his toe. Rukmani immediately quenched her thirst by drinking water. He did not follow the etiquette of first giving water to Sage Durvasa sitting in the chariot.

Durvasa was enraged by this unforgivable mistake and cursed Rukmani, saying that she would be separated from Lord Krishna for 12 years, during which she would have to worship the Lord. According to this myth, the temple of Rukmani is built three kilometers away from the temple of Dwarkadhish as a symbol of separation. Although the temple is far away, its greatness is not considered less.

On the contrary, the journey of Dwarkadhish is considered incomplete without visiting the Rukmani temple. Rukmani Temple is very beautiful in terms of rock and architecture. The outer walls are carved with sculptures of various gods and goddesses; the pillars are decorated with human figures as well as elephant figures; and the sanctum houses an idol of Rukmani Devi.

Exploring Beyond Dwarka

Dwarka Gujarat Tourism

Dwarka’s strategic location also makes it a gateway to explore nearby attractions. The breathtaking beauty of Bet Dwarka, an island accessible by a short boat ride, offers an unparalleled opportunity for snorkeling and discovering vibrant marine life. Additionally, the nearby town of Somnath houses the revered Somnath Temple, adding another layer of spiritual exploration to the journey.

Bet Dwarka:

Dwarka Gujarat Tourism
A view of boats on the way to Bet Dwarka.

All those who come to this pilgrimage do not miss a visit to Bet Dwarka. Bat Dwarka can be reached in 20 minutes by boat from Okha, which is 30 km from Dwarka. As Lord Krishna killed an demon named Shankhasura at this place, Vaishnavas call the island Bet Shankhodhar Tirtha. Lord Dwarkadhish is worshiped in the form of Shankhanarayana in Bet Dwarka.

History of Bet Dwarka link with Britishers:

It is noted in history that the British government ruled here in AD 1851. Bet Dwarka was attacked in 1850, in which the Okhamandal ‘Vaghers’ fought bravely, defeated the British, and made the fort of Bet Dwarka their refuge. After the first attempt failed, the British repeatedly attacked Bat Dwarka but were unable to inflict any damage on the ‘Vaghers’. This time the British, filled with anger, blasted dynamites in the fort, and through them entered Bet Dwarka and looted property worth 14 crores according to its then value.

During the war of Vaghers against the British, the Vaishnavas moved all the idols in the Bat Dwarka temple and kept them safe in Radhaji’s gaushala. In 1860, when new temples were built in Bet Dwarka, the best craftsmen, blacksmiths, etc. devotedly displayed their skills in the construction of the new temple.

Coastal Charm of Dwarka

 Timeless Tales and Modern Wonders: Dwarka, Gujarat's Unforgettable Fusion!

The allure of Dwarka isn’t limited to its spiritual and historical riches; its coastal charm adds an extra layer of enchantment. The city’s pristine beaches, kissed by the azure waters of the Arabian Sea, offer a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Sunset strolls along the shoreline and exhilarating water sports create cherished memories for visitors of all ages.

Modern Comforts

While rooted in tradition, Dwarka seamlessly embraces modernity. The city’s hospitality sector boasts a range of accommodations that cater to diverse preferences, from luxurious resorts to cozy home-stays. Travelers can relish traditional Gujarati cuisine at local eateries or savor international flavors at modern restaurants, ensuring a culinary experience that caters to every palate.

Timeless Festivals

 Timeless Tales and Modern Wonders: Dwarka, Gujarat's Unforgettable Fusion!

The city comes alive during its vibrant festivals, celebrating its rich heritage with exuberance and fervor. Janmashtami, the birthday of Lord Krishna, witnesses grand processions and joyful festivities that unite locals and visitors in a shared experience of devotion and merriment. The air is filled with melodious bhajans and the aroma of delectable sweets, creating an atmosphere of sheer delight.

Preserving the Past

 Timeless Tales and Modern Wonders: Dwarka, Gujarat's Unforgettable Fusion!

Efforts to preserve Dwarka’s historical and cultural legacy are evident in every corner. The Marine Archaeological Museum offers a glimpse into the city’s maritime heritage, showcasing ancient relics, sculptures, and artifacts retrieved from the seabed. These exhibits serve as a bridge between the past and the present, allowing visitors to appreciate the city’s enduring significance.

Other places worth seeing

Shardapith of Dwarka Jagadguru Adi Shankaracharyaji, who revolutionized Hinduism, established four Peethas in the four corners of the country. Jyotishpeeth to the north, Sringeripeeth to the south, Govardhanapeeth to the east and Shardapitha of Dwarka to the west. Among these four pithas, the earliest (about 2,500 years ago) was the Sharda Peeth.

Lighthouse: Timeless Tales and Modern Wonders: Dwarka, Gujarat's Unforgettable Fusion!


There is a 135-kt-high lighthouse at a distance of one kilometer from the main temple in Dwarka city. Built in 1963, this type of  lighthouse reaches 25 nautical miles. Today, every modern ship is equipped with a G5 for navigation, so the lighthouse is no longer as important as it once was. However, it is worth knowing how the structure of the lighthouse is. Visitors are allowed inside the lighthouse between 5 pm and 7 pm. Right next to the lighthouse is the Sunset Point, where many people gather in the evening.

Temple of Bhadkeshwar Mahadev:Bhadkeshwar Mahadev

This temple is situated at a distance of 200 meters from the lighthouse and stands on a rock, which has the sea on three sides. A special path has been made to reach the temple. During June and July, the rising waves in the sea anoint the temple’s villing itself.

There are many other places worth visiting around Dwarka, including the Nageshwar Temple, one of the twelve Jyotirlingas. Also Gopitalav,

Timeless Tales and Modern Wonders: Dwarka, Gujarat's Unforgettable Fusion!
A view of Nageshvara Jyotirlinga is one of the 12 Jyotirlinga shrines mentioned in the Shiva Purana at Dwarka ,Gujrat .

which is located at a distance of 21 km from Dwarka. Gopitalav is famous in the form of gopichandan, which is sticky and yellow in color. Gopichandan is believed to be effective for skin problems. Located 10 km from Bet Dwarka, Dani Island is a center of attraction for environmentalists. The island is also rich in marine life. Dwarka Darshan bus service is available from Dwarka Municipality to visit all these and some other places. This bus departs four times a day and covers Nageshwar Jyotiling, Gopitalav, Bet Dwarka and  Rukmani Temple in five hours. Another option is autorickshaw. Dwarka can be enjoyed more comfortably if you have your own vehicle.

Hotels near by Dwarka:

There are a variety of hotels that cater to the diverse needs of travelers. Whether you seek luxury, comfort, or budget-friendly options, the hotels in the vicinity of Dwarka offer a memorable stay amid this city’s historical and spiritual splendor.

1. Dwarkadhish Lords Eco Inn:

 Timeless Tales and Modern Wonders: Dwarka, Gujarat's Unforgettable Fusion!
A contemporary hotel offering comfortable rooms, modern amenities, and a serene ambiance. Its proximity to the Dwarkadhish Temple makes it a popular choice for pilgrims and tourists alike. Click Here for Contact



2. The Dwarika Hotel: Timeless Tales and Modern Wonders: Dwarka, Gujarat's Unforgettable Fusion!

A luxurious retreat that combines traditional architecture with modern comforts. The hotel boasts spacious rooms, impeccable service, and a range of dining options that showcase the flavors of Gujarat. Click Here for Contact



3. Hotel Gomti:

 Timeless Tales and Modern Wonders: Dwarka, Gujarat's Unforgettable Fusion!
Conveniently located near the Gomti River and Dwarkadhish Temple, this budget-friendly hotel offers clean and comfortable rooms, making it an ideal choice for travelers seeking affordability without compromising on quality. Click Here for Contact



4. Hotel Roma Kristo:

Timeless Tales and Modern Wonders: Dwarka, Gujarat's Unforgettable Fusion!
Hotel Roma Kristo

Known for its warm hospitality and well-appointed rooms, this hotel provides a relaxing environment for guests. Its central location allows easy access to Dwarka’s key attractions. Click Here for Contact




5. Hotel Guruprerna Beacon Resort:

 Timeless Tales and Modern Wonders: Dwarka, Gujarat's Unforgettable Fusion!A modest hotel offering a homely atmosphere and courteous service. With its close proximity to the Dwarkadhish Temple, it is a favored option for devotees seeking a convenient stay. Click Here for Contact 




6. VITS Devbhumi Hotel:

 Timeless Tales and Modern Wonders: Dwarka, Gujarat's Unforgettable Fusion!
This modern hotel features elegantly designed rooms and a range of facilities, including a swimming pool and a multi-cuisine restaurant. Its tranquil surroundings provide a relaxing escape from the city’s bustle. Click Here for Contact


7. Hotel City Palace:

 Timeless Tales and Modern Wonders: Dwarka, Gujarat's Unforgettable Fusion!
Situated in the heart of Dwarka, this hotel offers comfortable rooms and easy access to the city’s major landmarks. It’s an ideal choice for travelers who wish to explore the local culture and heritage. Click Here for Contact



8. Hotel Meera:

 Timeless Tales and Modern Wonders: Dwarka, Gujarat's Unforgettable Fusion!
A budget-friendly option offering basic amenities and a welcoming atmosphere. Its location near the Dwarkadhish Temple and Gomti Ghat makes it a convenient choice for pilgrims and tourists. Click Here for Contact


9. Hotel Dwarka Residency:

Timeless Tales and Modern Wonders: Dwarka, Gujarat's Unforgettable Fusion!

Known for its efficient service and comfortable rooms, this hotel provides a pleasant stay experience. Its proximity to the Dwarkadhish Temple and other attractions adds to its appeal. Click Here for Contact





10. The Grand Dwarika:

 Timeless Tales and Modern Wonders: Dwarka, Gujarat's Unforgettable Fusion!
A contemporary hotel with well-furnished rooms and modern amenities. Its strategic location ensures easy access to both religious sites and local markets. Click Here for Contact



These hotels near Dwarka, Gujarat, offer a range of options to suit different preferences and budgets. Whether you’re on a spiritual journey or exploring the historical wonders of Dwarka, you’re sure to find accommodation that complements your travel experience.

Timeless Tales and Modern Wonders: Dwarka, Gujarat's Unforgettable Fusion!
Devotees travel in boat on the way to visit Bet Dwarka,

Conclusion: A Fusion of Timeless and Modern od Dwarka Temple

In the heart of Gujarat, Dwarka stands as a living testament to the fusion of timeless tales and modern wonders. Its ethereal blend of mythology, architecture, spirituality, and culture creates an experience that resonates deeply with the soul of every traveler. Dwarka’s enchanting allure, a harmonious fusion of the old and the new, ensures that each visit is a journey through time, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all who wander its storied streets.

Embark on a pilgrimage to Dwarka, where the echoes of Lord Krishna’s flute still resonate, and the embrace of the sea whispers tales of ancient mariners. This is a journey that transcends time—a fusion of past and present that promises to leave you spellbound.

So, pack your bags, immerse yourself in the mystique of Dwarka, and become a part of its ever-evolving narrative. Experience the fusion that defines this timeless city and create memories that will forever weave you into its rich tapestry of history and wonder.

Dwarka Gujarat Tourism
Dwarka Gujarat Tourism


Good to Know For a Perfect Trip:

  • It is very hot here in the summer, while the sea is rough in the monsoon. The ideal time to visit Dwarka is between November and February, when the weather is pleasant, making it perfect for exploring the city’s attractions comfortably.
  • Dwarka is well connected by rail, road, rail, and air to important cities and pilgrimage sites in India. The distance between Okha and Dwarka is 30 km. A total of seven long-distance trains reach Dwaraka from various parts of India. You can reach Dwarka by taking a train to Dwarka Railway Station or by flying to Jamnagar Airport and then driving to Dwarka.
  • There are no regular flights to Dwarka from other major cities in the country. The nearest airports are Porbandar and Jamnagar. There are direct bus services to Dwarka from cities like Ahmedabad.
  • Dwarka is a small station. But the facilities for investment here are sufficient. Website providing investment information: www.devbhumidwarka.nic.in accommodation
  • Plus Know: Have your own vehicle or hire a taxi to visit Somnath and Gir sanctuaries. Porbandar can be toured to Dwarka. The drive along the coastal highway along the Arabian Sea is very beautiful.
  • Dwarka is generally considered safe for solo travelers. The locals are friendly, and the city has a peaceful atmosphere. However, it’s always advisable to take standard safety precautions.
  • Dwarka offers a range of accommodations, including budget hotels, mid-range resorts, and luxury options, ensuring a comfortable stay for travelers with different budgets.
  • While in Dwarka, don’t miss trying traditional Gujarati cuisine, including dishes like Dhokla, Thepla, Fafda, and Khandvi. Also, indulge in local seafood delicacies.
  • You can explore nearby attractions like Bet Dwarka, where you can enjoy snorkeling and water activities, and Somnath, home to the revered Somnath Temple.
  • Photography and videography are generally allowed in Dwarkadhish Temple, but it’s advisable to check with the temple authorities for any specific guidelines.
  • When visiting temples, it’s respectful to dress modestly and remove your shoes before entering. It’s also polite to seek permission before taking photographs of locals.
  • Address: Dwarkadhish Temple: Shree Dwarkadhish Temple Dwarka : 361 335, Dist.: Jamnagar ,Gujarat- India
  • Click Here for Google Map Directions:


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