Ganpatipule: A Spiritual Journey to the Sacred Shores

Spread over 3.2 million square kilometers, India has no limit to its geographical diversity. In the north are the snowy peaks of the Himalayas, in the west the golden desert of Thar, while in Kutch the sheet of white desert stretches far and wide. There are countless rivers, lakes, springs and waterfalls all over India. Each of these water bodies has its own unique beauty. Similarly, the beauty of India’s nearly 7,500 km long coastline is also unique and pristine. A beautiful beach is located in Ratnagiri district in the Konkan region of Maharashtra: Ganapatipule!

Ganpatipule: A Spiritual Journey to the Sacred Shores

Ganapatipule: Maharashtra’s Serene Gem

 There are many beautiful beaches in Maharashtra’s nearly 700 km long coastline, but Gapanapatipule with clear sea water is a special attraction for tourists. One reason is its beauty, the other is its religious significance.

According to the popular folklore, the idol of Lord Ganesha appeared spontaneously from the soil of Ganapatipule happened, so it is said that Ganesha himself resides here.

Enchanting Ganapatipule: Seasons of Serenity

Ganapatipule can usually be visited in any season, and in every season the place looks enchanting. But especially in monsoons when the area around Ratnagiri is covered with green sheets od grass, the beauty is increases exponentially. In monsoon, however, there is danger in bathing as the sea is rough. Bathing in the clear water here and enjoying the pink coolness of the coast comes during winters.

A Virtual journey to Ganapatipule

Ganpatipule: A Spiritual Journey to the Sacred Shores

In this Article, I am sharing an experience of visiting Ganapatipule. let’s visit Ganapatipule virtually with me.

From Mumbai, we started our journey from Mumbai-Pune Expressway. On this highway, the high hills of the Western Ghats on both sides of the road, lush greenery and the coolness of the atmosphere makes our drive enjoyable.

On Expressway from Khalapur Toll Plaza to Palina Road, there is a famous temple of Sri Ballaleswara Ganapati, one of the Ashtavinayaka Ganapatis at Pali. Prasadi meal is available here.

Visiting this place, we motored towards Mangaon-Mahad to join National Highway 66 towards Nagothane. About 25 kilometers from Mahad is Raigad Fort, a witness to the glorious past of the Maratha Empire, which was the capital and center of power of Chhatrapati Shivaji‘s Maratha Empire for 30 consecutive years. Why miss a visit to this fort? Hence stopped the journey and stayed overnight in Mahad.

Exploring Kashedi Ghat: A Scenic Adventure

Ganpatipule: A Spiritual Journey to the Sacred Shores

The next morning we took the route to Chiplun from Mahad via Poladpur through the very beautiful hilly route called Kashedi Ghat. It is one of the most dangerous mountain roads in Maharashtra, with many sharp turns. Hence the car has to be driven very carefully. We reached via Khed Chiplun enjoying the beauty of nature at a slow pace on this road. The amazing views of the area captivated us. A road trip through the Sahyadri range is guaranteed to be a continuous stop-gap and wallpaper-like scene that tempts you to snap a camera!


Revelation of Ganapatipule: A Journey to Wonder

The curiosity was constantly increasing as we came closer to Ganapatipule. It was more Amazement than curiosity, as Ganapatipule was only 14 kilometers away and yet we were still over the mountains. It seemed as if we were walking in a hill station. There was no sign of the sea! Plowed a distance of tens of kilometers, during which even the sea was not seen. Finally from a hill, the view along the sharp turn was thrilling. Just in front was the blue sea.

Our car was on a hill about 150 meters above the surface, from where a panoramic view of the vast ocean was held. It was 4:00 PM by the time our car approached sea level, taking several more sharp turns and descending several meters at each turn. Feeling the nice cool breeze, the sea waves coming up one after the other, the sound of their lapping along the shore, etc., our fatigue disappeared in no time. The body felt refreshed. After leaving the luggage at the resort, we left to visit the Ganpatipule temple.

Legacy by the Sea: Ganapati Temple and Sunset SplendorGanpatipule: A Spiritual Journey to the Sacred Shores

The Ganapati temple here is about 400 years old. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj founded its sanctum, and the assembly hall was built by Madhavrao Peshwa. Architecturally, the temple looks simple, but it looks quite special as it is very close to the sea shore. After visiting the temple we went to the seashore. Returned to the resort with the wonderful view of the sun slowly setting on the horizon and the sky filled with various colors by the sun rays.


Tranquil Retreat: Ganpatipule Beach and Beyond

Ganpatipule: A Spiritual Journey to the Sacred Shores

The gem of Konkan, Ganpatipule beach is a great place to spend holidays close to nature. There are a variety of excellent beach-view resorts to stay in. From a window or balcony of your room, looking at the sea and listening to its roaring sound for hours is worth feeling. The melodious lapping of ocean waves between the green hills was indescribable! Ganapatipule is an excellent destination for those who want to take a three- to four-day trip and also relax. For adventure sports enthusiasts, there are paragliding and jet ski facilities, while for foodies there are traditional Konkani dishes. The taste of famous mango roti locally known as ‘ambapoli‘, and the roti made of jackfruit, known locally as phanaspoli, is worth tasting. Moreover, the Konkani kokum curry was especially tasty.

Moonlit Serenity: A Tranquil Evening at Ganpatipule

After having a Konkani meal at night, we spent some relaxing moments by the roaring sea. A vast expanse of ocean could be seen in the moonlit night. The whiteness of the waves as they came to the surface shone brightly in the moonlight. We ended the first day of our trip with a memorable experience. The next day morning we started for sightseeing tour around Ganapatipule.

Exploring Heritage: Ancient Konkan Museum and Jaigarh Fort

Ganpatipule: A Spiritual Journey to the Sacred Shores

The first camp was a museum called ‘Ancient Konkan’ where Konkani way of life, history of Konkan as well as the Konkan region was explored. There are objects and statues depicting natural beauty. After seeing this museum leisurely without any hurry, visited the Jaigarh fort to the north. It was built by the Raja of Bijapur in the 16th century. Captured by the British in 1818, the fort is now in a dilapidated and ruined condition, but it stands proudly in front of the Arabian Sea as a silent witness to history. Here the river Shastri meets the Arabian Sea, which can be enjoyed from the beautiful country fort.

Another beach to enjoy: Velaneshwar

Ganpatipule: A Spiritual Journey to the Sacred Shores

Velaneshwar beach can be reached by driving north for an hour or so from Ganapatipule. This area is largely uncultivated. The crowds of tourists do not gather here, so one can enjoy the silent peace and observe the nature blossomed by Sole art from up close. The resort built by the Maharashtra Tourism Department on a high hill is an excellent and convenient place for tourists who want to stay overnight in Velaneshwar. A very beautiful view of the sea is seen from here. It is not surprising that a stay of one or two days at the resort becomes a lifetime memory, but that memory becomes a motivation to come back to Velaneshwar again.Ganpatipule: A Spiritual Journey to the Sacred Shores

The natural environment here is a ‘miracle’ that provides energy, passion, freshness and newness. The Mahadev temple here is worth watching. It is said that the Velaneshwar Mahadev temple Fulfills wishes without wasting time. The meaning of vela in Marathi language is time. This 500 years old temple of Mahadev is built in Konkani style of architecture. The dipastambha (lamp pole) in the temple premises is attractive.

A scenic spot near Velaneshwar is Bamanghal, which has a naturally formed fissure in the hillside. When ocean waves crash into the gap at high tide, the water splashes up against the rocks. If you stand near the crack on the surface of the hill, you get a beautiful view of the rising water.


Ganpatipule: A Spiritual Journey to the Sacred Shores

So many wonders are located around Ganapatipule and Velaneshwar, which one needs to plan a week or so to see. Enjoying the white sand Ganpatipule Bank, the golden sand Velaneshwar Bank and other places, learning about the Konkan region at the ‘Ancient Konkan’ Museum and being refreshed on a four day ‘short recharge’ trip, we proceeded to Vadodara via Chiplun, Khed, Kashedi Ghat, Mahad, Pali. In the total journey of 1,500 kilometers, there was not a single moment of fatigue, even the slightest bit of boredom. The natural beauty of Konkan was amazing.

Good to Know for a Perfect Trip…

  • It is best if you have your own vehicle to go to Ganpatipule, because the transportation facilities like buses, taxis, rickshaws are limited here. If you have your own vehicle or a hired vehicle, it is easy to visit nearby places from Ganpatipule.Ganpatipule: A Spiritual Journey to the Sacred Shores
  • On the highway from Gujarat-Mumbai, before Ratnagiri, the road diverges from Sangameshwar to Ganpatipule. The path to the ghat is quite scenic, but narrow and slightly bumpy. There is negligible vehicular movement. Hence avoiding passing through that road at night time from Niwali village to State Highway no. 106 via chafe to Ganpatipule can be reached.
  • Nearest train station from Ganapatipule is Ratnagiri, from where taxi/bus is available.
  • There are many hotels and resorts near by this beach. If you want to stay at a resort of Maharashtra Tourism Corporation, it is suggested to book a super deluxe AC room in the newly built house. There are no other facilities at Velaneshwar apart from the Department of Tourism resort and one private resort. Online room booking for both places can be done at
  • Konkan region is clear in monsoons, but then (May, 25th to October, 15th) the sea is rough, so it is imperative to avoid the sea. During winters one can enjoy bathing in the clear water of the sea and enjoying the pink coolness in the evening.

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